Setting Up A Home Theatre System A Step-By-Step Guide

A home theatre is a great addition to your home. With an at-home theatre, you have complete control and can save plenty of money compared to regularly paying out for cinema tickets. If you’d love the luxury of an at-home theatre but aren’t sure where to begin, read on. In this blog, we discuss setting up a home theatre system and offer a step-by-step guide.

1. Choose your location

The first step is deciding where to locate your home theatre. You might have a space in mind, but we recommend choosing a large space that can accommodate both your home theatre system and furniture. Choose a room that’s not too noisy or bright so that nothing disturbs your entertainment.

2. Choose a surround sound system

Part of the thrill of going to the cinema is the impressive surround sound. Make sure your chosen room is properly soundproofed – do this with insulation or an additional layer of drywall. Choose good quality speakers and a system that’s small enough to fit into your space but still produces clear sound. Pre-wire the room with speaker wires and then place speakers in each corner. You can also place a speaker on either side of the screen. Get a good receiver too so you can control the volume and bass.

3. Set up the projector and screen

You’ll need a large screen and a quality projector to get the most out of your home theatre. Shop around for the right products – you’ll want a high definition screen for the best picture quality. There is a wide range of screens available – some are stationery and others roll up when you want to use the space for other purposes. Alternatively, paint a space on the wall to your specifications with projector paint.

A 4K projector is the best quality option. These tend to be expensive so a mini projector is also a good solution. Experiment with moving it around to find the ideal location and then keep it on a stable surface.

4. Think about décor

The right décor really enhances your home theatre experience. Choose dark paint and carpeting, and soft lighting for an authentic feel; dimmable lights can really add to the atmosphere. Installing blackout blinds also helps to make the space as dark as possible. Then you can add extra touches like posters from your favourite films or other themed décor. However, avoid framed items with glass that can create a disruptive glare during screenings. 

5. Add your furniture

A great home theatre needs the right furniture. You can choose any type of furniture, but leather is a popular choice for home theatre seating. You can also buy furniture specifically designed for home theatres that includes space for drinks and snacks so you won’t need to move a muscle whilst enjoying your film.

6. Contact the home theatre experts

Simply Automated can design and set up your perfect home theatre system in Illawarra. We’re home theatre specialists and can upgrade an existing system or install a brand new set-up for the ultimate in home entertainment. Get in touch to discuss your requirements for your at-home theatre.

Theatre systems in Illawarra

We strive to provide all our customers in Kiama, the Southern HighlandsWollongongThirroulShellharbour and beyond with a tailor-made service plans. We build custom-designed systems so you can enjoy the ideal home cinema experience.

Whether it’s upgrading your existing home theatre or planning a next-generation home cinema experience, we bring you the latest in home entertainment solutions.

We can provide you with general advice on home theatre systems, as well as designing tailored service plans to best suit your needs, budget and property requirements.

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Turn your home theatre into a box office hit. Our expert crew can recommend the best system setups, considering the smallest details to ensure you the get the most out of your home theatre. This includes:

  • Calibrating your TV & AVR – Most devices don’t perform perfectly straight out of the box. We fine tune all output settings and modes to best suit the room, system set up, lighting and more.
  • Rearranging your furniture – It may seem minor but the more the room arrangement is prioritised around your AV system, the better your experience will be, making the most out of your system.
  • Positioning your sound system – Placement of speakers is crucial to get the most out of your movie viewing experience. Depending on your setup, placing the right speakers at the right angles and positions makes a world of difference, ensuring proper output of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setups.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve the sound of my home theatre?

Subwoofers and soundbars; proper placement and position of speakers; optimising screen modes – there’s a big range of little details that can make or break your home theatre experience. At Simply Automated, our expert team can fine tune your system to perfection.