Your Smart Home Specialist in the Illawarra

Over the past decade, Simply Automated has been providing a comprehensive
range of high-end home automation solutions, enhancing the security and
comfort of hundreds of homes across the Illawarra, including Kiama, The Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Thirroul and Shellharbour and beyond.

Our years of expert know-how in the industry ensures each client receives the best possible service, with extensive home automation plans suited to their specific needs and requirements. 

Simply Automated have provided all clients with expert, streamlined solutions, enabling each home with the full benefits of our automation systems: 


Having all the technology in the home connected through one interface.

No more fumbling for lost remotes and dozens of switches. One simple control panel is all it can take to manage your entire home. 

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All your smart appliances and device can be programmed to be more energy-efficient. Thermostat settings can be programmed to your schedule, offering energy-efficient options during peak usage, with lights automatically switching off when you’re not in the room, cutting down on energy costs and wastage.


Cameras, alarms, security lights, and more can be controlled and monitored from your phone or mobile device. Whether you’re in the
kitchen or halfway around the world, you can keep a constant eye on your
home, ensuring optimal home security. 

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