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Efficient Integrated Solutions

Simply Automated offers a huge range of high-end solutions and accessories for your smart home in Kiama. Our skilled team can integrate all features of your new build or existing home to enhance security, comfort and climate control. Count on us to provide custom solutions that are tailored to your needs, budget and lifestyle.

When it comes to streamlining home connectivity, our team can securely integrate all electrical components with your network to lighten the load on your connections and boost speed to your devices! Our services include:

  • Smart lighting 
  • Multi-room audio 
  • Climate control 
  • Home security 
  • Home network 
  • Home theatre 
  • Intercom anywhere 
  • Universal remotes

Our goal is to give you complete control over your home and its features. Whether you want to protect yourself against intruders, control lights with a remote or enjoy an immersive cinema experience at home—our Kiama home automation professionals will make it happen!

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When you want that added level of customization for home automation, Control4 is the service for you. Our team can set up your home in Kiama with the latest integrated Control4 technology—installing an operating system that connects all the devices in your home virtually on one simple-to-use interface.

From light and blind control, to multi-room audio and camera access, Control4 offers a system that is stylish, user-friendly and reliable. All the features of the home will be at your fingertips, letting you enjoy the little things like control over lighting, temperature and security.

With a range of exciting features available - like push notifications to inform you that your kids are home safe - Control4 gives you peace of mind and a watchful eye no matter where you are.

Book a Control4 system installation at your home in Kiama today.

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Home Theatre

Optimise your screens, seating, audio quality, video input devices and mood lighting for a home cinema experience like no other. We provide a full range of home theatre services in Kiama that are designed to turn your living room into more than just a couch and TV!

  • Universal Remote

    Integrate your home’s features within one easy-to-use remote control! The team at Simply Automated can calibrate a universal remote to control more than just your TV. Lights, shades, speakers, security cameras—we let you set the scene with the touch of a button. With remotes available in a range of models and colours, we are bound to have what you need in Kiama.

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  • Home Security

    Enhance your home security system with a full property assessment from Simply Automated. Working with clients across Kiama, we can install monitoring systems, alarms, cameras, security lights and more—all on an automated system that can be accessed no matter where you are in the world. Turn your regular home into a smart home!

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